Diskuse: Video: Toyota připomíná 24 hodin Le Mans 2013

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  • Un1NSZdBd9e


    10.12.13 04:34 Reagovat

    now no one has a doubt that audi makes great cars, and this is one power packed car with so good specs that i get a trlihl when i push this car to its extremes. Such a nice pickup that i have made a vow that i m only goin to buy Audi for rest of my life superb car to drive

  • 7lWsthykaJ


    10.12.13 04:20 Reagovat

    6.9.2012 v 13.51Kamil ředke1:Zdravedm, naše ceny se již několik let neměned a pokud nebudou nějak vfdrazně suaptot ne1jmy, nebo jine9 vfddaje, tak je ani měnit nechceme. Dlouhodobě jsme měli cenu 400 za permici nebo 80 za tre9nink 2 x tfddně. Je to zcela běžne9, že permanentky jsou zvfdhodněny. Teď se provedla pouze kosmeticke1 změna, kdy se již bude tre9novat 3 x tfddně. Cena permanentky zůste1ve1. Cena vstupu je po,st 90 kč a v pe1 80 kč ( kratšed tre9nink ). Naše ceny jsou vzhledem k kvalitě a dobre9mu jme9nu našeho klubu opravdu jen symbolicke9. Jedinfdm důvodem k navfdšened tre9ninkove9 jednotky tudedž zůste1ve1 snaha maxime1lně zvfdhodnit permanentky a nezdržovat se s vybedre1nedm drobnfdch. většed počet tre9ninků nened pro ne1s důvodem ke zvyšove1ned ceny, tedm by bylo pouze razantned navfdšened vfddajů.Mysledm, že pokud se někdo z časovfdch důvodů zfačastned pouze 2 3 tre9ninků v měsedci, nened těch 10 kč navedc proble9m. Kamil

  • BqzcYAo9x


    08.12.13 17:27 Reagovat

    MITI has been a strong movnig force in Toyota's efforts, so there's been plenty of government involvement there. Add, too, the fact that health care is provided by the Japanese government, so a huge cost burden that exists for Detroit doesn't exist for Toyota (or Honda or Subaru or Isuzu or Mitsubishi).You misunderstand the term free market , as most people (probably 99%) do. Free market is a goal, a vision, a guiding principle like world peace . It's NOT a tactic or a strategy rather, it's an ideal condition toward which we (consumers, business, and government) must work, but which is extraordinarily far away and, as a practical matter, not achievable in our lifetimes.

  • xgMULdf83


    08.12.13 17:08 Reagovat

    The only thing that makes it look wierd to me is the dorsal fin. I unsdterand why its there and what it does; but from profile view, it hides the flowing shape of the actual car Other than that, I agree. Somewhere in France, Peugeot is looking for an Audi executive to surrender to!

  • 0mLVYoBlYbR


    07.12.13 17:06 Reagovat

    foto (s) of the day. R18! (via IEDEI) Posted on April 21, 2011 by thespiritportal The Audi R18 a0TDIa0is siplmy stunning -the most striking race car i've seen in many, many years. a0I will be proud to be supporting Audi during the next Le Mans! a0Here it is in its full Audi Sport livery. a0All 3 cars! 1, 2, and 3. Read More

  • vilmjIur


    07.12.13 15:53 Reagovat

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