Diskuse: Video: nejdelší skok na sněhu se Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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  • AzaDnwYaL


    08.04.12 10:55 Reagovat

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  • QGPlZfWfxr


    08.04.12 10:39 Reagovat

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  • kyfmHoxSV


    08.04.12 05:59 Reagovat

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  • jfKCkQODgtz


    07.04.12 05:31 Reagovat

    Subaru diesel ? I sure hope the come up with a sboterpiettn to cylinder fit. Most Subs rattle till warmed up.Some rattle all the time.With the increased pressures in a diesel, the problem willbe worse. They need to put a better skirt on the pistons.A little more reciprocating weight won't hurt the diesel Rich

  • AFbzaIqmgBbkoE


    07.04.12 03:02 Reagovat

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  • Cyber Fox

    Re: Scout

    12.08.10 08:57 Reagovat

    Je to model od fi. Tamiya k nalzení např. na www . mz-racing . net

  • Trodos

    Re: Scout

    11.08.10 14:13 Reagovat

    Boží autíčko a jak mete... Kde se to dá sehnat? Poraďte, prosím.

  • vikis


    11.08.10 09:54 Reagovat

    Ten model je luxusní >:D :yes:

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