Diskuse: Video: Morgan Aero Supersports

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  • pJIbsqIvKInGDCM


    06.03.12 03:01 Reagovat

    116 g co2 per km is amazing from over 600 hp!!! The ploerbm is finding special fuels in Europe is not easy. For instance we bloody Spaniards only sell petrol diesel. If you happen to convert you 4X4 to LGP to significantly reduce running mind you filling cost, you will have a very hard time if not impossible task of finding a filling station.I think Bentley wanted to shut up the tree huggers, and Continental GT buyers are not looking to reduce emissions. They own nuclear submarines, lol!!

  • GhTUkTnu


    04.03.12 10:54 Reagovat

    Thank you for sharing!! I loved my time as a high hsocol small group leader and only hope I impacted the girls God entrusted to me. I hope someone invests in my children as Morgan invested in you. What a precious servant of the Lord Jesus.

  • DQlEtYvLvrm


    24.12.11 06:07 Reagovat

    Unparaleleld accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  • mattin

    Re: hm

    05.07.11 13:03 Reagovat

    To chce foto ;) stačí ho uložit třeba na rajče a poslat odkaz.

  • Dolcetto


    05.07.11 12:55 Reagovat

    Mne se to zda fajn, ta neskryvana stylizace a ty odkazy na komiks a priznanou nadsazku. Jinak ta reklama je stara nejmene pul roku. A jeste neco. Zrovna Morgan SS mam v garazi. Je snad jediny u nas, nevim.
    Sorry, ale musel jsem se pochlubit.

  • BlackSheep99


    05.07.11 09:03 Reagovat

    jak mam Morgany strasne rad, tak tady tenhle pocin se jim proste nepovedl :-( nebo jsem jen omezeny a nepochopil jsem, co tim chteli basnici od Morganu rict

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