Diskuse: Video: detailní jízda Suzuki Monster v Pikes Peak

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  • ReqZikXYPnYn


    13.09.12 06:38 Reagovat

    Myself (Nate) and my buddy (Tom) are biking aocsrs Canada starting in Vancouver on May 9th. Please check out our site xcanada4cancer.ca for info, pictures, equipment and progress! We have a SPOT satellite messenger that will track our progress aocsrs the country.Thank you for putting up this site, it is a great resource!Nate

  • WEBbzVLxEBcA


    13.09.12 05:40 Reagovat

    I cycled ascors Canada during summer2010 through all 10provinces, covering a distance of 8300km. I had a fantastic time throughout (even in the bad times) and meet lots of amazing and hospitable people. It gave me the determination and desire to push myself even further and so in February2012 I shall set off to cycle around the world. 29000km in 5months.It would be fantastic if people could follow me through my to see my progress before and during my epic endurance race.

  • BvJuZlwfBMT


    11.09.12 07:47 Reagovat

    Yup, rain or shine! We've been watching the weaethr closely and it highly depends on which source you look at. The local weaethr stations aren't calling for rain while the more national ones (weaethr channel, noaa) are forecasting some rain.

  • Forloa


    01.02.11 13:19 Reagovat

    Kdyby tuhle bestii dostal do rukou Ari Vatannen tak by teprv Nobuhiro čuměl asi ;)

  • Cyber Fox

    Bestiální !

    14.08.10 13:29 Reagovat

    Nádherné video, Tajima opravdu umí :yes:

  • overhaul

    cllimb dance to neni...

    14.08.10 09:18 Reagovat

    Asi vseci znate ne? zadejte na you tube climb dance. fakt narez

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