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  • ZdMmABims


    18.12.12 11:16 Reagovat

    Nohtnig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

  • wtfuetpkGC


    18.12.12 01:44 Reagovat

    usRlEx ozmdohtuwmqz

  • yzuqaRTeNSekjYY


    16.12.12 22:14 Reagovat

    Here are some specific exapmles:Let's say you owned your own business. Who is to say what you did and what you didn't? What if you really didn't do ANYTHING with the business and it just sat there for several years? So you really didn't operate a business, but you can show that the business was around for several years and so it looks like you operated it.What if you start your own service industry and lie about your experience or qualifications with future clients? Example, you start a website design business and tell people you have successfully designed hundreds of websites in the past. You might tell them you've been doing it for five years instead of just started and you really haven't done any. Most people who find your work unsatisfactory will ask for a refund and if you don't give it, vow to never use your services again and bad mouth you. They usually don't go off and research your company enough to find out you never designed any website before. I'm asking because I've noticed since the market has continued to get worse that there are several more people who are putting things on their resumes that seem impossible to determine. I know that in the case of the designer, you can ask for client references, a portfolio, etc, but that can really only go so far. He can have 10 of his friends answer different phones and say they used him, or he can produced websites that belong to other people.One guy said he was a sole-proprietor for a retail store for over five years and the financial information for non-corporations are usually not reported. So there is really no telling if he was successful, or just lying. (And yes, I did see someone do this before because with retail, there aren't going to be client lists, they just say they came in, bought stuff, and left.)I'm more concerned about the designer and the consequences of someone telling someone they've designed 100 websites, you enter into an agreement with them, and it turns out that they haven't done any and you never would have entered an agreement if you had known.As you can read from my question, I was asking from the perspective of protecting myself. I am not trying to get a feel for running a scam, but since I'm in the position to hire and review resumes for my own business, I wanted to post things that I've noticed and get feedback on to what actions you can take against anyone who is caught falsifying their references and qualifications.But thanks for accusing me anyway.

  • %DOUBLE Mfoto

    1 deň

    23.09.09 09:59 Reagovat

    bude to stačiť ale každopádne ako prvé by som išiel pozrieť americké stroje ;-) ale pozerania bude neúrekom a čo skôr bude problém >:D ;-)

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