Diskuse: Seat Ibiza Cupra R13: 210 koní od Abta

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  • Eu5VYWUT


    09.12.13 07:11 Reagovat

    Hi Kevin you're right, I need to update this post. This vaeclne looked great for a few months, then it started to yellow haze over, and now it looks like crap. I think it also kind of warped a little, because in addition to the finish looking bad, the fitment wasn't any good either. I wouldn't recommend this part for day-to-day driving as the heat from the exhaust will destroy it after a few months

  • vGeCLbnT


    07.12.13 13:43 Reagovat

    Wow, your Just Picture It books look terrific! Isn't it fun seneig pictures of all the beautiful studios. Looks like you are ready to start teaching again, so have a great year.

  • 16UtA3Chb


    06.12.13 13:04 Reagovat

    Thanks Anne! I am so excited to be using your maearitls. I have all of your pages in there and in the back, I added weekly technique practice charts that I have created for my students. Those kids are going to know their scales this year!

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