Diskuse: Roush Yates Engines: motory Ford EcoBoost pro ALMS

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  • HeoYmy66a3B


    27.07.13 06:28 Reagovat

    Now I don't ever recall going to an acuatl cider mill growing up in southeastern WI, but my grandpa did help press cider each year at the nature preserve he volunteered at. And of course, cider is ubiquitous in stores and at stands along the road that time of year there. It's, as you conveyed, marvelous. No such thing here in NC; nor was it so in TX or FL. Totally depressing. I remember apple-picking during grad school in MN, and having an apple cider cinnamon sugar doughnut while doing so still warm from the frying. Are yours cider doughnuts as well? Regardless, jealous.Cheers,*Heather*

  • eDxcCtEmrHH


    24.07.13 18:55 Reagovat

    I'm a huge Scott Speed fan, but I'm still hoping he will sufacre driving an Indy Car I sincerely believe that is where he belongs and Brian Barnhardt, race director, hopes Scott calls him. Brian feels his poor showing at Indy in May was totally due to the car and the team. Will be fun to see Scott and Danica on the same track this weekend.

  • aATAhb68DP


    24.07.13 01:23 Reagovat

    I agree just because it has 435 hp dsonet mean it is an better than the new 5.0 I know this is an 2010 model but still and for that price you could of made a stock 2010 gt have 600 hp. I am an mustang fan but to me it just cheaper buying the body kit and doing at the performance work yourself saves you alot of money.

  • :-))


    10.08.10 15:39 Reagovat

    :yes: :yes: :yes:

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