Diskuse: Rapper Nelly a jeho Mustang GT 2011: široký krasavec

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  • mUyTZxNR


    19.12.13 11:13 Reagovat

    droidnoid is right! I live in switzerland and have odeerrd a mustang GT. will be a 2012 model and arrive in may. can't wait! one reason why I odeerrd it is certainly that I always wanted to have an american car with a V8 cause for me these are simply the best sounding engines in the world. but besides, these cars just offer so much value for the money! even though I pay much more here for it then in america, a european car offering the same power would cost me like $ 120'000. go mustang!!

  • zHG667nLj


    08.12.13 18:23 Reagovat

    No show this week as we are taking a two week break. Please tune into Warbird Radio for a cupole of re-broadcasts of some of our favorite shows. We hope you will join us on Thursday, the 7th of April at 8 pm EST. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are. Rob

  • TAIakZOig


    08.12.13 01:58 Reagovat

    i just bought a 2012 mntuasg last year in 2011, i was looking to trade it by the end of the year until the sales man informed me that the 50th edition was coming out in 2014, i am holding off until then, i really love the look and motor power that's coming with the 50th.i love my mntuasg and so does my family members. keep up the great job

  • JrTmeDSdnZiSWQi


    18.11.11 11:34 Reagovat

    1nxoNe oohqoxxxtrnt

  • yCWCURZvfgf


    16.11.11 02:35 Reagovat

    I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brotehr out.

  • salamoonfoto salamoon

    Re: Fuj

    15.01.10 20:10 Reagovat

    jednoducho to neurobili ako pokracovanie dvere+prah,ale ako zarez dveri do prahov.....

  • Jiřík1234567


    15.01.10 17:44 Reagovat

    Mustangy mám rád, ale to slícování spodku dveří a prahu je šílený :no:

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