Diskuse: Range Rover Evoque Convertible se bude vyrábět!

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  • UAUGci49Hv


    21.12.13 20:20 Reagovat

    It's funny how many people wrote in to tell me they had a Pacer and how much they liked it. I have to admit, when my partnes first moved to Toronto, their first car was a Pacer. It didn't like the cold very much but it was so distinctive, I'll never forget it!

  • qA1iz0pbj06


    20.12.13 19:48 Reagovat

    That ad is SO bad. A Range Rover debut (which happens every, oh, 20 years or so) and it's in the taieckst part of NYC- Times Square. I didn't get it. Seemed like a Chevy ad. What does Times Square have to do with the most fabled brand in posh 4 wheeling? While we're dishing on poor ad choices, what about J-Lo for FIAT? I can verify that one sexy, gay, Italian friend who was all ready to buy saw Ms. Lopez acting all street' in her 500 made him cool his jets big-time. Lame. (Don't even get me started on the [off-topic] representation of sex-addict Tiger Woods for Rolex )My all time favorite car ad ever is the VW Cabriolet ad with the Nick Drake song in the background on the moonlit night. So gorgeous. So perfect.

  • aM2vIiydsyy


    19.12.13 09:45 Reagovat

    MME Folks 1:41 minutes thats not a Range Rover Evoque in the pircute thats the all new Range Rover and believe me thats not the same price as the ZL1 . wrong pircute guys

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