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    10.09.12 18:09 Reagovat

    Sorry, but no way. You posted in the aclrite that it will make 15bhp, and that sounds about right for a 125cc 4-stroke. Put a very short and very skinny kid on this bike and you can be VERY generous in assuming a .88 m2 frontal area and .5 Cd. Even with these most generous of assumptions, you're going to need about 29hp to even dream of hitting 95 mph. This is with a 100lb. kid that's short enough to keep his head under the bubble The gearing and tire size on this bike works out to right about 14,000rpm in 6th gear at 90mph. That's probably right about redline. There is no friggin' way this thing is pulling redline in 6th gear outside of the vacuum of space!Put the tiniest of tiny kids on that bike and you're looking at a top speed of 75mph. And that's being generous.I have a 250cc dirt bike. It's pretty fun once geared to top out at about 45mph. First thing I would do to this bike is exactly that. The freeway is a not meant for this. Best give that up right off the bat and gear it down to be fun as hell around town! Not sure why Aprilia felt they needed to gear it so tall that it'll more than likely reach top speed in 4th gear with wind resistance, and 5th and 6th will be largely for less buzzing and better economy.It may be geared for 95, but that's incredibly wishful thinking.

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    Re: CHYBA

    04.12.10 17:50 Reagovat

    Opraveno, díky ;-)

  • drocks


    04.12.10 16:04 Reagovat

    162 koni a 110 koni .... ;-\ ;-)

  • laufeCZek


    04.12.10 11:42 Reagovat

    ...no design je fakt pecka... použitá technika taktéž...jen ta elektronická technika už mi tam prostě nesedí... na motorku nic takového prostě nepatří :)))))

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