Diskuse: Miata Cup 2010: třetí závod - Vysoké Mýto

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  • xSRleC2T1O


    10.12.13 04:38 Reagovat

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    09.12.13 07:41 Reagovat

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  • EkOY8BFmuW


    07.12.13 14:22 Reagovat

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  • rtwVZyXxcF


    07.12.13 13:55 Reagovat

    Mazda, or any car for that matter, is safe dnndpeieg on your driving habits. If you tailgate',or try to pass on a double yellow line, or drive recklessly, it is as dangerous as any other car.If you enjoy your Miata, drive responsibly. Always keep your eyes panning as much as possible, watching what's behind, one each side and in front of you. MackPS I know you're looking for crash test results, but avoiding crashes is the objective

  • 3RSp5t0Wa


    06.12.13 15:10 Reagovat

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  • p8RDrX1l5


    06.12.13 12:52 Reagovat

    I like the earlier NA medols with the retractable headlamps (barn doors) better than the newer style. The 90-93 model Miata's had a 1.6L engine and the earlier 90-91 versions had a problem with the short nose crankshaft. I have a '92 with a limited slip differential and love it. 94 and up medols have a 1.8L engine with more horsepower and there are a few more braces to make the car more rigid. While the 1.8L may have more power I personally think the 1.6L is more fun to drive like a real roadster. There are many special edition medols that I like especially the 1999 10th anniversary edition which is one of the better looking medols in my opinion. The new MX-5 is pretty sweet too if you have money for a brand new one. No matter which one you get you will love it. They all have their own personality and you instantly become friends with about 700,000 other miata drivers.

  • TeeJayfoto TeeJay

    Re: ;-)

    09.08.10 15:38 Reagovat

    Také se přidávám s :yes: , ale vidím, že JPN tentokrát dostalo pěkně do těla.

    A co ten GT-R, mohu-li se zeptat? Také vidím v galerii Civic a nějaké Subaru a ve výsledcích ne. :-O

  • laufík


    09.08.10 15:31 Reagovat

    ...pěkné fotky, moooooc pěkné :yes: :yes: :yes: ...asi to byla povedená akce :)))))

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