Diskuse: Hot Wheels dráha v životní velikosti: povedená reklama

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  • Roxanne


    07.04.12 06:25 Reagovat

    Well, you can either go out and buy some 50 s as eattsd above or, as also eattsd above, skate all the time! Do lots of reverts, powerslides, that sort of thing and that'll wear them down. And yes, don't try and do anything dodgy to them like freeze them (who on earth came up with that idea, i do not know) or anything else, just skate!

  • Rahman


    04.04.12 15:29 Reagovat

    The reason that the goes toghurh forwards and then backwards is because of the orange part. The goes toghurh the blue-grey U-Turn and comes out the same direction that it was traveling. But when it goes up the orange part, it comes straight back down, changing directions. This is a cool track set that I bring to every Race Grooves party.

  • mhmm

    šedý střed

    11.04.11 11:26 Reagovat

    ...tam asi musí být pořád tak "pěkně" když místo azúra udělali oblohu šedou ;-)

  • TeeJayfoto TeeJay

    Hot Wheels

    11.04.11 08:58 Reagovat

    >:D :yes:

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