Diskuse: HONDAy 2010: největší český hondasraz poosmé

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  • QjVmVdYBkXhux


    21.05.12 18:10 Reagovat

    He didn't have any support from McLaren or Ron Dennis prior to joinnig the team. In fact, he was not close at all to them before joinnig. He earned the respect and trust of the team by his work attitude and relationship with the staff, so it's a big difference compared to Vettel, who has always been supported by Mateschiz and Marko, and had the whole team made around him so he would join and immediately settle in. And in 2011 he was not even allowed competition from Webber

  • Well ;-)


    07.08.10 22:20 Reagovat

    Opět jsem vynechal a opět velmi nerad. Jel se noční závod? To byla vždy perla HonDay. :yes:

  • Kingfoto King


    07.08.10 06:37 Reagovat

    :-) ;-) :yes:

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