Diskuse: GP České republiky - Kornfeil šestý, Abraham devátý

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  • UUIKkBrt


    13.09.12 00:53 Reagovat

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  • gGYNpSYbS


    11.09.12 07:53 Reagovat

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  • JrtddyRsoa


    11.09.12 01:51 Reagovat

    I'm in the middle on Awake. The pilot was amwosee, but the rest of it has been too self-contained within each episode. It feels like a new version of CSI or something. I'm still going to keep watching it, and I hope it doesn't get canceled because it has a ton of promise.

  • KIgQUpHKdF


    10.09.12 20:33 Reagovat

    Fairly interesting read, not too many sprsriues.I wouldn't mind seeing a breakdown of the Which Network section, where TD and CJ came out on top, split into day job and spare time affiliates. It might help clear up the relevancy of the old we've got x,000 affilates chestnut.I'd also like to put my hand up as one of the 299 people who agreed with I have lied to avoid going out just so I can stay at home and work on my website or affiliate campaign .Perhaps the one thing that surprised me the most is that so many spare time affiliates spend less than an hour a day working at it. Possibly the biggest benefit of the survey is that it keeps us marching down the road to becoming a respectable member of the marketing community, with proper figures and everything guv!

  • Trodos


    27.08.12 09:42 Reagovat

    Jasně nejlepší závod, naši kluci nám fanouškům nachystali pěkné drama... škoda jen, že se nekončilo o kolo dříve, to by Kornfeil skončil třetí :-(

    Ale i tak pěkný výsledek, bravo! :yes:

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