Diskuse: Ženeva 2010: Ferrari 599 GTB jako zelený hybrid

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  • 24ejQyWORkoF


    28.07.13 13:19 Reagovat

    Mazda 6 Combi, rok 2007, diesel 2.0.DPFJak to jest z wymniaa akumulatora ???Mozna samemu czy lepiej nie.slyszalam ze moga wystapic komplikacjetypu nie dzialajace szyby elektryczne, fotel elektr. pilot, czy trzeba cos w komputerze ustawic, bo jak wymianilam olej i nie wbili mi tego w komputer to musialam jechac do serwisu mazdy i dac przedmuchac filtr DPF co mnie kosztowalo: 150 euro wymniaa oleju plus 120 euro przedmuchanie i usuniecie bledu Teraz wymieniam olej w mazdzie bo oni od razu usuwaja blad w cenie wymiany oleju i przedmuchuja DPF Prosze o odpowiedz co z tym akumulatorem

  • FJCyFodsmOd


    26.07.13 20:56 Reagovat

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  • qeNuQ9s3NqK


    26.07.13 11:18 Reagovat

    All service has been promerfed at Norwood Performance in Dallas, it drives well looks great for a 20 + year old car. The 348 is still currently for sale in Haltom City, TX.

  • I8AzbkhLL9G


    23.07.13 21:14 Reagovat

    No wonder it didn't sell. Has alomst 30k miles on it, but hasn't had the 30k mile service. Who's going to buy a car (one where the a/c doesn't work) and then spend at least another $8k in service on it?

  • Auth


    07.04.12 08:52 Reagovat

    Both answers are right ciotemscally but I disagree with Ken on the V6 to Hybrid cost comparison. Honestly, most people are right in the comparison. The Hybrid should be compared to the 4 cylinder because economy is the key here. What's the point in a Hybrid if you don't care about economy? Power is important too but the only reason a Hybrid is considered (or even built) is economy. Heck, 4 cylinder Camrys generally outsold V6 models at least 4 to 1 on any given year(-sometimes 5 or 6 to 1). The 4 cylinder has enough power that the V6 premium isn't warranted to most people. Equipment might be less on a LE, but Toyota does make a plusher 4 cylinder XLE- which can be equipped the same as the V6 XLE but without the V6. I don't know why Toyota reps overlook that car here in the States. Toyota knew what they were doing when they made the Camry even if US reps don't. Moneywise, as an 18 year old, I'd recommend sticking with a 4 cylinder LE. They are the best values. That's why most people flock to them. Everything you could want at a reasonable price and lower overall ownership costs than a V6 or a Hybrid.

  • ft

    ta zelená...

    02.03.10 22:19 Reagovat

    ...tomu autu dost sluší ;-) :yes:

  • Ilikethecars!

    Zlepšit zvuk motoru.

    02.03.10 14:13 Reagovat

    Ferrari je u mě mezi sportovními auty jednička - jen by pánové z Itálie mohli zlepšit zvuk u 12-válcových motorů. Ať si vezmou inspiraci z F430 (která zněla nádherně - řekl bych, lépe než 458 Italia) anebo úplně nejlíp z F43O Novitec Rosso. :yes: :-!

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