Diskuse: Enemy to Fashion Chevrolet Spark: vojenský speciál pro SEMA

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  • hUOGazLAwwEnS


    13.11.12 06:47 Reagovat

    stumbled onto your videos thuorgh some searches about engine swaps(specifically 4bt cummins swaps) and you really seem to know your stuff. Ive subbed and am looking forward to keeping up with your videos, but I was wondering if maybe you could email me and give me alittle info on how to do things right. I know muscle cars and diesel trucks are ten million worlds apart but im looking for aittle help on what I need to do to get my ride the way I want it. Any help at all would be great

  • ljqYZKRwEwSPL


    11.11.12 22:52 Reagovat

    Thanks for taking the time to post. It's lifetd the level of debate

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